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Her comprehensive services answer your questions and help you to gain the results you need. Dr. Watson-Miller is a recovery-oriented professional. That means she strive to help clients identify their needs with the ultimate goal of helping them to live up to their full potential. She's professional, confidential, and dedicated to you.


Dr. Watson-Miller graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1995 with a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  She graduated from the Clinical Psychology Program in 2002. Since earning her doctorate, Dr. Watson-Miller has practiced in both the private and public sectors.  She has been in private practice for 5 years and in public service for over 5 years. Dr. Watson-Miller is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine and a Certified Master Trainer in Social Skills Training.

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  • Psychotherapy

  • Psychological evaluations

Hire a trusted, local professional who is ready to help you answer all of your questions. Expect outstanding service from me.


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